Golf Club Grips

Golf club grips work in two ways. The first part of the grip’s job is to keep the club securely in the golfer’s hands while they swing. Tremendous force is applied to the golf club while swinging. It is very easy for the club to slide completely out of the golfers hands while taking a swing. The second part of the grip’s job is to keep the club from twisting in the golfers hands as he swings the club.

What Is A Grip Used For

Gripping the club properly is only half the battle. The club must remain still in your hands throughout the swing in order to make contact with the ball properly. The club cannot spin, twist, or slide in your grip at all during your swing as the club face is not in the right position at impact. Grips not only keep the club from shifting in your hand but they make the club easier to hold as you swing.

How Will Grips Help My Game

Using old worn out grips can cause many shot errors like poor distance, accuracy issues, and safety issues. Having a new set of grips installed is simple, inexpensive, and can lead to many rounds of better golf.

Golf grips come in many sizes shapes, and styles to choose from. Selecting the proper grip can be done at a pro shop, or by checking some of the online golf shops for more information about grip selection..