Golf Clubs – Irons

Irons are the clubs used most of the time in the game of golf. Irons can be used to drive, hit fairway shots, chip, pitch, and occasional chase away the unwanted snake. Irons come in several styles and designs but all are similar in how they work.

What Are Irons Used For

Irons are used to advance the ball just like the other clubs in the bag but they have a different look and feel compared to a wedge or wood. Irons come in two styles, cavity backs and blades. The cavity backs provide more forgiveness on poorly hit shots. The blades are what the pros use to deliver accuracy and greater distances. Irons come in a set, usually the 2-9 Iron, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. These clubs can send a properly hit ball distances of 200+ yards and can also delicately chip a ball over a sand trap only 1 yards ahead.

How Will Irons Help My Golf Game

If you want to at least compete while playing golf you need to learn how to hit Irons. Some golfers can substitute fairway woods for some of their Irons but the 7, 8, & 9 irons should be in every golfers bag and be part of their game.

Driving ranges offer a place for golfers to practice using irons. Amateur golfers should all take advantage of the local driving range and be sure to hit some balls off the grass as well as the artificial surfaces or carpets. Learn your distances and what each club is capable of when hit properly.