Pitching Clubs

Chipping and Pitching are two different shots in the game of golf.

  • Pitching or a pitch shot sends the ball high in the air in order to reach an elevated green, or get over a sand trap. Generally pitching is done with a 9 Iron or some other tye of Wedge.
  • Chipping or a chip shot uses a club with less loft like a 7 Iron to keep the ball low and roll it up to the pin. One should always chip whenever possible as it offers an easier and more accurate approach to the pin.

What Is A Pitching & Chipping Club Used For

Pitching clubs like a 9 Iron or Wedge are used to propell the ball upwards with much height in order to clear a hazard such as sand or water. Hitting the ball high into the air forces the ball to fall straight down, thus stopping the ball pretty much where it lands.

Chipping clubs like the 7 or 2 Iron use less arc to produce more roll after the ball lands. Keeping the ball close to the earth by using a less lofted club forces it to keep rolling after it lands. This roll is more accurate than landing a ball on the fly near a pin.

How Will A Pitching Club Help My Golf Game

Learning to pitch will increase your accuracy around the green helping to reduce the number of approach shots to the pin. Additionally learning how to chip will make you a more productive player since you’ll have a shot in your bag for just about every instance you come across on your way to the green.

Every amateur golfer needs to learn how to pitch and chip in order to progress to par level in the game of golf.