Golf Fundamentals

Playing golf requires every player to adhere to the fundamentals before they can excel at the game. There are just certain things that need to be up to par in order to play golf at any other level besides weekend hack. These are the following golf fundamentals that need to be addresses before playing golf.

Ball Position – It is important to know where the ball is with respect to the bottom of the swing. This spot will vary from player to player. In all full shots from a good lie the ball position should be placed slightly ahead of center to about 3 inches ahead of center depending on the club length.



A proper swing requires excellent balance. Placing your feet together take some controlled short swings letting your body twist as the club swings throughout your motion. With your feet together now lengthen each swing until the club does not go back any further. Take a few practice strokes and keep your feet together.

Now widen your stance to about shoulder width and feel the increased balance. Take a few full strokes and notice how your weight moves back and forth with each motion. Remember to follow through as good balance is required in all three phases of the swing (address, back swing, follow through).



Without a good grip you cant really swing the club. Since the only part of your body that touches the club are your hands it only stands to reason that what you do with your hands will determine where the ball is hit. Maintaining a neutral, balanced grip, is key to consistent play and solid golf shots.

If you’re a golfer just starting out, your number one priority is to learn the proper grip. It won’t feel comfortable at first, but the results of sticking with it far outweigh the struggle.



A solid stance is critical to develop a good golf swing. Standing upright with your feet about shoulder width apart, lean forward a bit keeping your back straight. Your arms should be hanging down by your side. Keep your chin off your chest and look at the ball out of the bottom part of your eyes.

Your right shoulder (right handed golfers) should be a bit lower than your left. Balance your weight equally on both feet. Keep your center of gravity slightly forward and off your heels.

Now, bend your knees slightly making sure to keep your posture. The chin should be off the chest, back straight and rear end sticking out. Memorize how this position feels and practice it frequently.
Develope a ball striking routine. Have you ever noticed how good golfers have a ritual they go through before they hit the ball? It’s called a pre-shout routine and is necessary to have one of your own.

It’s totally up to you to create your routine. Whether it’s walking up to the ball, marking a target, scoping distance, a waggle, and the swing or some other variation. It does not matter as long as it’s performed before EVERY shot made. Doing this instills confidence, trains your mind, and makes the game much more fun.


Do you know where you are going to hit the ball? Some golfers just hit the ball and hole it goes where they want. Others pick a target and aim.

aimLook over your left shoulder and point it to your target. Position yourself in front of the golf ball with your left shoulder still pointing to the target. Position the ball in your stance according to the step above.

You should be able to follow draw an imaginary line to your target across the front of your feet and one from the ball to your target.

Once you have your target marked and your aim in line trust your position and focus on the ball. The target will not move and will not need any further adjustment.