Top 4 Tips for a Great Winter Golfing Experience

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As you go winter golfing, it is prudent to pick the right type of clothing to keep the biting cold well at bay. Without proper warm clothes, your entire sporting experience may become a torturous session that you wouldn’t want to remember. As such, highlighted below are some fail-safe ideas to prepare you for golf outings during winter. Continue reading to discover the top 4 tips about winter golfing and how to stay warm with winter attire.

1. Base Layers

To begin with, it is highly advisable to invest in big layers that can keep your body comfortably warm throughout the winter golfing period.  While most people go out in nice warm winter jackets, this is only the top most layer.  Base layers are the savvy winter gamer’s ultimate secret to keeping warm and optimally productive amidst chilling cold. Base layers not only boost your overall performance on the course but also help regulate your body temperatures in a forbiddingly freezing weather. Given the fact that base layers are conveniently tight and non-restrictive, they effectively keep you warm in wintry outdoors without upsetting the precision of your swing.

2. Water Proofs

Cold seasons in the US and UK are likely to feature some light downpour or unceasing drizzling. As such, it’s a great idea to look for waterproofs in order to have a hassle-free golfing time out there. Unknown to many a golfer, there’s a huge difference between waterproof and water-resistant. There are numerous winter golfing outfit brands that are uniquely tailor-made to efficiently shield you against rain drops/thin showers. Therefore, remember to select a light and tight impervious make that successfully guards you against torrents and allows you to appropriate winning swings with uninterrupted ease.

3. Gloves and Hats

Gloves and hats top the list of oft-forgotten winter gaming outwear. Because your fingers are bound to feel numb when exposed to winter cold, gloves are a good way to cushion them from the icy weather. Additionally, a beanie or a hat should be factored in your dressing code as it plays an equally essential role of shielding while winter golfing. The market is full of many excellent winter gloves and hats models for a chic stylish look while golfing in the freezing outdoors.

4. Internet-Based Search for Attire and Extra Tips

The internet should guide you as you scout for the right winter golfing outfit. With scores of winter sporting suppliers on the web, you’ll have access to countless outwear brands from which to choose the most personally appealing ones. In a similar vein, some web-based cold season golfing clothing stores offer dozens of essential preparatory and precautionary tips for an extraordinary sporting experience against the prohibitively low degrees.

Trouble-Free and Effortless Moving Into Golf Playing Neighborhoods

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Planning to move from one state to another or simply moving across streets is often stressful. The list of things to do may appear endless including things ranging from setting up utilities to finding directions to a new golf course.

Fortunately, you can ease most of the strain involved through hiring professional movers. They will worry about handling those dreaded tasks involved in big moves giving you time to handle other important things. Should you know that you have to move soon, there are several benefits accruing from hiring a proficient relocating company.

Skillful Packing of Prized Possessions

Golf courses are gorgeous places, and having a house on one is a special privilege.  Here are some tips for moving in and out.
Golf courses are gorgeous places, and having a house on one is a special privilege. Here are some tips for moving in and out.

For those who have relocated before, they can attest to nightmarish situations involved in sorting belongings and packing them. It seems not to matter how many boxes or packing tape rolls one buys, they are always sure to run short of something.

Where a proficient company is involved however, technicians come to your office or home and pack every item efficiently for moving. As such, you remain assured that fragile and valuable items are correctly packed and you avoid losing treasured belongs such as irons and autographed golf balls.

Safe Storage in Secure Facilities

Very often, people tend to overlook their potential storage needs until an unplanned issue crops up. In that regard, it is good to seek a moving company offering storage facilities all over the United States. That way, there is a solution available in the event that you suddenly find out that your new premises is not ready for housing furniture just yet. For those who are downsizing, secure storage facilities provide safe keeping of possessions until you need to use them.

Relax Your Mind

Once you allow a proficient moving company to handle your relocation, you have assurance of peace of mind. This comes from the knowledge that proficient movers have undergone extensive training and background checks.

Because they are experienced, professional movers are able to correctly estimate the cost you’ll likely incur. You can also anticipate straightforward rate preparation and expect no hidden charges. That way, you can easily plan a workable budget. You can also use this easy billing structure to vet firms offering this service.

These professionals often work with networks of other professionals such as home inspectors. You may require their services in inspecting and making recommendations regarding your future office or home. From them, you obtain assurance that you are moving into a safe environment that you’ll be comfortable in.

For those unexpected situations that may occur, a proficient service provider goes out of their way to acquire requisite insurance cover. As such, you have confidence that losing or damaging any item during a relocation process means you get adequate compensation.

In a Nut Shell

Should you have to make a relocation that is likely to be stressful, hiring relocation professionals is the way to go. They specialize in streamlining an entire relocation process to their clients’ satisfaction. Once you have packing, storage, and delivery issues sorted, you can now focus on easier aspects of relocation. These include exploring new fairways, neighborhoods, and golfing community.

Top Qualities to Look for When Hiring Roofing Contractors for a Private Golfing Community

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Finding the best roofers and home improvement professionals for your golf community is not an impossible task. The search can be a short one, but only if you know the qualities to look for in the contractor. If your home is in a private golfing community, then you understand the importance of privacy. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose or hire a contractor who is likely to compromise your privacy. Some contractors are unscrupulous.

What qualities should you look for when hiring roofing contractors?


These roofers in Staten Island hope to have the clubhouse done before the summer sun gets too hot.
These roofers in Staten Island hope to have the clubhouse done before the summer sun gets too hot.

You need to hire a contractor you can approach easily with a question, concern, problem or suggestion. The contractor should be somebody you can communicate with well. It should be someone you’re comfortable with since the two of you will spend more time together until the contractor finished inspecting, repairing, installing or replacing the roof. A good contractor has no problem addressing the issues and questions you bring up.

License and Insurance

A roofer is not as good as his word or promise. In this industry, you can’t rely solely on the promises that the roofing contractor makes. You need guarantees, which are available in the form of licenses and insurance. A good contractor is fully insured and licensed to provide his roofing expertise in Staten Island. Licenses and insurance are proof that the contractor operates legally. The insurance protects not only the roofing business, but also the customers.


Confirm that the roofing contractor operates from a permanent address before hiring him to repair or replace damaged roof on your Staten Island property. A business must have a permanent location to prove its reliability. Permanent location assures customers that they will find the organization today and tomorrow. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t trust the contractor blindly simply because he operates from a known location. The contractor must have:

  • Permanent address
  • Phone number
  • Tax ID number

For example, Staten Island Golf Club insured that they ordered Staten Island Roofing Contractors, and not someone located in another state.  Keeping local with your contractors insures timely completion and communication between the contractor and the business.


If you value experience in a roofing contractor, you will never hire one without inspecting his references. An experienced contractor will be happy to show you a list of the customers it has served recently or over the years. A first-time contractor, on the other hand, will struggle to provide such a list. An incompetent contractor with a bad reputation for doing shoddy work will try to dissuade you from looking at references. Choose wisely to avoid losing money.


A good contractor has no problem guaranteeing the work he does, repairing, installing or replacing your roof. Guarantees and warranties are a contractor’s way of saying that he only provides quality services all the time. Some contractors go further to say that they offer money-back guarantees. A good contractor is capable of providing a guarantee or warranty of at least one year. Ask the contractor this issue if he doesn’t offer the information willingly.

Therefore, finding the best roofing contractors is not as difficult as you imagine. The search can be over before you embark deeply on it, but only if you know what to look for in the contractor. Get an approachable contractor. Ask the contractor for references and guarantees. Check that the contractor’s licenses and permits are valid. Don’t hire a contractor who doesn’t have a permanent address.

How using a High Speed Camera can improve your Golf Swing

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High-speed cameras are the best tools which have the ability to capture the images at very high rates. In addition to that, it increases the shutter speeds beyond other conventional video recorders. Typically, the cameras have 200 frames per second or even higher.  The high-speed cameras can be used as a diagnostic tool for assisting both researchers and engineers for analyzing the high-speed procedures. Apart from the applications mentioned, high-speed cameras can also be used for improving the golf swing.

How will you improve the golf swing with high-speed cameras?

Both armature and pro golfers are always aspiring to improve their golfing activities. For you to improve your golf swing, it is important to identify where you went wrong. Fortunately, you can use the latest high-speed cameras for capturing your footage. The cameras are first connected to your computer. when the digital cameras are attached to your computer , a vision machine appliance for analyzing the golf swings is used.

A high speed camera can allow you to capture your golf swing, diagnose problems and improve your overall game.

The basics of the technology comprise of: a standard tripod with a wide angle zooming lens. The variable wide-angle zooming lens will enable you to capture an image of a standard height of six foot.  One option for your hardware is the new IDT X-Stream Camera, a camera capable of filming anything from golf swings to crash tests.
Since there are various software programs which are available on the market for analyzing the video, a golfer can incorporate the equipment quickly. As a result, he or she will be able to capture images with high speed by use of the cameras. You can also use new lenses on the camera and wide angle views if necessary.

For fully utilizing the technology, the video or camera needs to have a shutter speed of 1 to 10,000. Hence, it will eliminate the blurring of the image. The motion images are also being captured by using the household sensor.

As you are recording the golf swing, the best thing to do is one-twenty frames in one second. After getting the cameras ready to work, you need to position the cameras in such a way that it is opposite the midpoint of the ball and the feet. The actual reading of the game can also be obtained by using two high-speed cameras. The first one is opposite the club for capturing the top of the swing, and the other one is placed between the feet and the ball for measuring the swing plane.

When high resolution is enabled, the entire swing will be captured definitely. The capability of the high speed is paired with the pro feature. as result, the golf swing will be captured with ease.


The highlighted information can give you a hint on how to improve the golf swings with high-speed cameras. You can also download a full slot of golf swing software online. The software contains features which can assist you to implement the golf swing successfully without any problem. By using the high-speed camera, speed high resolution is experienced this will help you greatly since the cameras will be able to capture the images clearly without any problem arising. Therefore, you need to use the high-speed cameras as it functionality is at optimum and you will be able to get very clear images.

How Tree Services and Landscaping on a Golf Course are the Silent Players of a Golf Tournament

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The 2016 U.S. Open was at Chambers Bay Golf Course, a course notorious for its challenging landscape. A significant amount of this year’s U.S. Open coverage concerned the course’s landscaping and arboriculture.

This year’s U.S. Open reminded us how tree services as well as landscaping on a golf course are one of the game’s principal guiding factors. Fast greens and a lack of trees make Oakmont one of the hardest golf courses around, not to mention the bunkers and ditches abound the driving range.

Chomp em Down!

The trees of a golf course craft the course more than any other element.
The trees of a golf course craft the course more than any other element.  Learn how landscaping and tree services play their unique roll in golf courses and tournaments.

Most golf course managers refer to their trees as assets. Members tend to enjoy the beauty and shade that a big tree will provide. Aged trees give a golf course a sense of timelessness and establishment. Too many trees, however, can ruin golf course turf in a number of ways. That cherished shade can keep the grass from photosynthesizing properly. If maintenance does not prune tree roots regularly, the roots can negatively affect the surrounding green.

Chambers Bay chopped down around 15,000 trees in the past 25 years, and this took a serious tree removal company to accomplish the task. Not only does that give the course a unique look and some killer views, it makes the course a major challenge for players. When driving at a treeless range, a golfer is subject to wind problems that trees would normally block out.  It’s just another reason why trees are such an important factor when considering the play of a golf course.

Speedy Greens

Another way that landscape affects the game is by the speed of a golf course’s greens. Chambers Bay is said to have the speediest greens in the world. The fine fescue grass at Chambers Bay is unconventional, but it proves a challenge for even the best golfers with its lightning-fast speed. Rumor has it that the USGA had to slow the greens down for this year’s U.S. Open!

Golfers across the country like to brag to their friends about how fast the greens at their course are. The speed of greens is measured by a Stimpmeter, which puts a golf ball with a uniform force and measures the speed based on how far the ball travels under that force.

The flatness of the green can determine a lot about the game, as well. If the golf course greens have high slopes, you’ll have a rough time when you’re at the flagsticks. A tough slope will make your game more hazardous if sand bunkers and grass traps. If you truly desire to improve the magical experience of your golf course, then you really need to invest in a proper tree and landscape service.

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Running a Golf Business (Accounting and Bookkeeping)

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Golf management involves accounting and bookkeeping which is a practice that is handled primarily by each golf course or country club, but the tide is turning in this multi-billion dollar industry. Today there are golf management companies that specialize in keeping accounts or running dozens or even hundreds of privately owned courses across the country and around the world. These large-scale management firms offer a variety of perks to facilities that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to in exchange for considerable fees to either manage and run the finances for either a long-term or do short-term period.

golf-swingRunning a golf business is time-consuming and requires extensive expertise in a wide range of areas, including everything from proper accounting and bookkeeping of records,retail sales in the pro shop to food and beverage management for the watering hole. Unfortunately, in many areas, there isn’t always an available pool of talent to fill these positions, and the courses suffer. Companies who supervise solve this dilemma by providing staff and services to the course for a monthly fee, or searching for and recruiting the talent needed and provided any additional training on-site.

These organizations can do all this because they have the resources and capital needed on a much larger scale than any privately owned, the individual course can, in most instances. In fact, a country club or golf course owner can have a turn-key operation that turns a considerable profit if they hire a firm to turn their languishing business around. Many members also appreciate the use of an organizational operation because they know what to expect from course if the same firm directs each; consistent, reliable service without surprises adds to the appeal of a course that is affiliated with a particular team.  For example, the Eastlake Golf Course in Sydney, Australia might make use of Xero bookkeeper sydney cbd to handle their bookkeeping operations.

For country club management firms look for the best and brightest, so you do want to have the proper background and education possible. Having a passion for the game and a thorough understanding of overseeing others are both essential. A degree in golf management will give you a definite edge since most academies offer a balanced blend of coursework in every aspect of club management which also involves the finances and funds that is a vital area of interest for many golf clubs. You will not find better instructors than at the top collegiate level academies. The connections that these institutions have made over the years will likely help you find a job after you graduate, thus leading you to a very prosperous and rewarding career in the field you love most.

For people who are interested in running a golf business,you must join a school that includes coursework in public relations, accounting, management, golf instruction, retail sales and human resource development so that you’ll be prepared to work any job within an organization and can multi-task when needed. The more versatile you are, the better your chances of joining an outstanding company. In times like these the more knowledge you have, the more likely you will be hired over the multitude of other candidates in this field.

Welcome To Amateur Golfers Central

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Unless you are getting paid to play golf, you are an amateur golfer. Amateurs play on many different levels starting with the weekend hack right up to the scratch golfer.

Learning to play golf well is difficult to do. Where do you start? Maybe a driving range, or an executive course. What about hitting practice balls in the backyard? Perhaps you could learn by watching a video. With hundreds of different instructional videos to choose from which video is right for you?

This website is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date golf information available. We offer tips and tricks from the pros, golf equipment comparisons, the basics and fundamentals of golf, as well as scores from the Professional Golf Association and amateur tournaments held locally.

Every good golf website needs fresh content and that’s just what we intend to bring to this golfing website. Since new golfers need the best instruction we are constantly adding new pages and updating our site. From perfecting your swing to making the most of your golf wedges, our goal is to continually take your game to the next level.

We thank you for visiting Amateur Golfers Central and wish you a pleasant stay while you are here. If you need more information about our website please contact us and send us your comments or concerns.