Finding a Golf Course

Before you play golf you need to find a public golf course that’s right for your skill level. There are several types of golf courses available to the amateur golfer and some are better to play on than others for different reasons.

Types of Golf Courses

  • Links
  • Resort
  • Executive

Let’s start with the Links style golf course. First developed in Scotland these courses are generally laid out along coastline. The golfer plays 9 holes in one direction and then plays the back nine in the opposite direction. Being on the coast these courses tend to be windy and the golfer must deal with wind from both directions during the round. These courses tend to have uneven fairways, thick rough and small deep bunkers.

Next are the Resort Courses. As their name suggests these courses are generally located at golf resorts. The resorts are built up around the course and golf is their primary feature. Resort courses are generally well taken care of and easier to play. The reason for this is simple, if your course is too hard most amateurs shy away from a vacation at the resort. Greens are large and lush, fairways are wide and hazards are easy to overcome.

Finally we have Executive golf courses. These courses are smaller than the others and generally made up of par 3 holes with a few par 4 holes mixed in. They are great for beginner golfers or folks working on their short games. You can walk these courses fairly easy and they make for a great place to develop golf ettiquete. They are fairly inexpensive and can be played in about half the time as a normal course.

Learning how to play several different types of courses is imperative for the golfer just starting out. After your skill level increases you’ll feel more confident traveling out of town to play a different course if you have some experience with these different types of golf courses.

Good luck finding the perfect golf course!