Golf Clubs

In this section we will cover golf clubs and their uses. Golf clubs are always changing from year to year. New Hybrids are introduced, lofts change, and club heads get bigger.

The clubs mentioned below are sold as part of a starter set of golf clubs. However, many variations on these clubs have been introduced over the last 10 years. We’ll cover the basic set of golf clubs including Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges, and Pitching and Chipping Clubs, and Golf Club Grips in this section.

Basic Set Of Golf Clubs

Knowing how far you can hit each of these clubs accurately and when to use each of these clubs will make you a better golfer without a doubt. The more experience you gain with your set of golf clubs the more confident you become while on the golf course.

If you need to purchase a set of golf clubs and you have no idea where to start we suggest you begin by looking online at some of the golf shops and what they sell in the line of clubs. Make your price comparrissons and become familiar with the golf clubs you wish to purchase.