Putting is the final part of the game of golf. In order to putt well you need to have a putter designed to fit your style. There are many different style putters available on the market.

There are heavy putters, adjustable weights, long shafted and short shafted putters, and a host of other designs and styles. Only you can tell which one feels right.

What Is A Putter Used For

The putter is specifically designed to smoothly stroke the ball so it rolls and then falls into the hole. There is no loft on a putter and the shaft can vary in size and length since the club is not actually being swung like the other clubs. The ball never leaves the putting surface. It rolls across the green following the slope and shape of the green so there is little power involved in putting the ball.

How Will Putting Help My Game

Being able to putt well for an amateur golfer is everything. If it takes a player three strokes to get the ball to the green and then another three strokes to put it in the hole that’s the difference between par golf, bogey golf, and what they scored.

Spend some time on the practice green putting and getting used to your putter. It could mean the difference between breaking 100 and shooting par golf.