The Driver

The “Driver” or “1 Wood” as it’s called is the most powerful club in the bag, if it’s hit well. It can deliver crushing distances of 400 + yardage if it’s hit well. It can hit the ball out of sight and shave many strokes off your game, if it’s hit well.

So why do so many people have trouble hitting the driver? The driver offers little or no forgiveness on a bad shot since the club face is almost flat in nature. Since it offers such big distance any little mistake made on impact translates into disaster on the other end.

Drivers used to be made of wood. Persimone as a matter of fact. They had metal plates on the club face and were very difficult to hit correctly. Drivers are not the only club which will deliver long distances. Tiger Woods can hit his 3 wood nearly 300 yards. So why do so many people insist in using the club?

The drivers of today are made to provide amateur golfers with a larger sweet spot and more forgiving shots. The club actually allows the golfer to hit a less than perfect shot off the tee box and still wind up in play. The club technology is designed with the golfer in mind. Slices and hooks are less disasterous using these clubs.

Nike, TaylorMade, Mizuno, and Callaway all make their own brand of drivers. These clubs all utilize different technology so make sure you know which each one does and for what reasons. If the club is not designed to work around your specific shot flaw, find one that is.

There is nothing better than to correct the swing before using a club as a patch. You should first be able to hit the ball straight and then work on the distance.. It’s better to be 200 yards out in the middle of the fairway than to be 300 yards out of bounds. Keep working on the swing and then buy the new driver.