Wedges are considered as part of the short game clubs . This its the area less than 100 yards from the pin. This short distance needs to be played using special clubs designed to shoot the ball high into the air so it stops where it lands.

What Is A Wedge Used For

Wedges are mainly used for high trajectory shots where the ball needs to stop dead where it lands. If the ball continues to roll after landing it’s very likely to roll past the pin or worse, off the back of the green.

These high lift clubs are designed to give the ball a higher arc after it’s been struck allowing it to fall straight down instead of rolling forward. Here are the following categories of wedges available:

  • Pitching Wedge – 46 and 50 degrees
  • Gap Wedge – 51 and 54 degrees
  • Sand Wedge – 55 and 59 degrees
  • Lob Wedge – 60 and 64 degrees

How Will A Wedge Help My Golf Game

More than 50% of all golf shots are hit from less than 100 yards away from the pin. If hitting half of your shots was pretty easy the game of golf would be pretty enjoyable.

Learning how to hit wedge shots is a must for all amateur golfers. Since more than 50 percent of your time on the golf course is spent chipping and using wedges it only makes sense to spend some time practicing your wedge shots.