Golf Clubs – Woods

Woods get their name from the material they were first made of, wood. That’s right, these long hitting clubs were first made of wood. Today’s woods are made of different materials, mainly metal composites, and are used when great distance is critical. They are longer than all the other clubs and can be hit off the tee and as well as the fairway.

What Is A Wood Used For

Woods are used for distance. These clubs hit farther than any other club in the bag and it’s all by design. The shafts are longer, the club head is bigger, and the shape of the club face all combine to deliver great distances whether off the tee or fairway.

The 3 and 5 woods are the most common, while the 2, 4, 7, and 9 are referred to as Fairway Woods as they are hit mainly off the fairway. You can find other woods with higher lofts like the 11 wood but it is rarely used by today’s golfer.

How Will A Wood Help My Golf Game

Learning to hit a wood off the carpet or grass is difficult but it does have it’s rewards. First, you don’t need to hit the ball as hard with a wood so a golfer can achieve greater distances and more control with the wood than swinging hard with an Iron. Additionally, learning to hit a wood well can also translate into better drives off the tee box.

If you don’t already have a set of woods in your golfing bag we suggest purchasing a used set to practice with or perhaps you should look into purchasing a set of Hybrids instead.