Golf Instruction

New golfers should take a lesson. Although spending an hour or two with a professional golf instructor or teacher might cost a few bucks, the information you’ll walk away with is invaluable.

Having a consistent swing is the most critical part of the game and sometimes getting there is qute difficult. Instructors of golf know what too look for with respect to your swing. They can analyze any swing and give you quick simple drills to correct the problem.

Although there are thousands of golf videos, instructional tapes, Internet lessons, and websites with great advice, applying this information is where most amateurs fail. It’s hard to get yourself to do something.

The golf professional knows how to teach as well as play golf. This is the greatest benefit to the golfer just starting out. Before you spend the next 2 years developing bad habits and patches for a swing that needs work why not start the right way with some instruction and golf lessons from a professional golfer that teaches golf.