Golfing Ettiquette

This section is all about golf etiquette and the observance of the rules. It is necessary to have rules in every game or sport and it is also equally important to observe these rules. Golf cannot be enjoyed in a non-regulated environment. There is just too much to do while playing golf that distractions often destroy even the best players game.

Golf Is Honesty And Integrity

Golf is all about honesty and integrity. Golf is usually played with limited or few referees. Unlike some of the other sports where cheating is not only practiced but watched carefully for by officials, golf is the sport of gentlemen. It is a sport where the golfer is responsible for keeping their own score. Cheating on a scorecard is a sure way to lose the respect of the other players around you.

Golfing is also a sport of respect. Thinking of the other players is critical and should always be in the front of every golfers mind. One should always watch for and be aware of what other golfers in your group are doing.

Always Think Of Safety On The Course

Here are a few safety points to consider while playing golf.

  • Watch your practice swings. Check for people standing nearby, debris on the ground, or nearby golfers.
  • Never tee off if there is a possibility you could hit the golfers in front of you are out of range.
  • Alert all around you when attempting a shot that could harm a nearby player.
  • Should a player hit a shot toward another golfer the common warning is to yell the word “fore” while the ball is in the air.

Consideration for Other Golfers

Tee Box

  • Do not disturb other golfers.
  • Keep all unnecessary noise to a minimum.
  • Turn the cell phones and pagers off or set them to silent mode.
  • Don’t tee up until it’s your turn.
  • Stand clear of the ball or hole when another golfer is about to shoot.

Putting Green

  • Cast no shadows on a players ball.
  • Do not walk through a players lie or in front of their ball.
  • Do not put out of turn unless you ask the other golfers first.
  • Remain on the green until everyone has finished.

Keep The Game Moving

  • If you are holding up the party behind you, offer to let them play through or pick up the pace.
  • Once a green has opened up ahead, you are playing too slow.

Lost Ball

  • If you believe your first ball is lost you should hit a provisional ball.
  • Do not look for a lost ball too long. Drop and take the penalty stroke instead of holding up other golfers behind you.

Taking Care of the Golf Course

  • Carefully rake and club marks, footprints, or ball marks from any sand trap you hit out of.
  • Repair divots and ball marks.
  • Watch your cart path rules.
  • Don’t stand too close to the hole.
  • Remove and replace the flagstick carefully.

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