Just Starting Out

Get ready for the wonderful sport of golf. The game has been around for centuries tempting the mortal man to play a round. We practice, we learn, we buy products and devices designed to help us play better and still golfing is only mastered by a handful of athletes.

If you are just starting out on your quest to golf we suggest you take some time and read through some of the golf related information you can find here at our web site. It can save you money, frustration, and a whole lot of wasted time.
I want To Play Golf

If you want to play golf you’ll first need some golf equipment. Should you purchase expensive golf clubs, and golf clothing before you even learn how to play? Maybe you should purchase some used golfing equipment first? There has always been plenty of debate as to which avenue to pursue.

Once you have the right golf clubs it’s now time to learn what they all do and when to use them. Each club has it’s own design and is used for a different purpose while playing golf. In order to play well you must first learn when to select a club and why under the present conditions.

Next, you’ll need to learn how to hit the golf ball. Although this sounds easy in theory, it can be one of the most difficult tasks in the world to do well. Most amateur golfers simply whack away with little or no instruction. This often leads to years of frustration and a loss of love for the game. Driving ranges are often the best place to develop a good golfers swing.

Once you’ve learned to hit the ball relatively straight you should then take your clubs to a local executive golf course and test your skills in the real environment. Play a relatively easy course and see how it goes. If it’s a lot harder than you thought head back to the driving range.

Once you’ve got a basic idea of how to put the ball in the hole, you can now consider yourself an amateur golfer and take pride in knowing you’ve joined the ranks of one of the fastest, most challenging sports around. The game of Golf.