New Golfers

Are you a new or novice golfer? If so then welcome to the wonderful world of golfing. If you’re like most, playing the game will become a passion. Getting better will become a life’s ambition and learning something new about golf will become an everyday event.

We urge every new golfer to read as much as they can about golf and constantly try to better your game. Learn the rules of the game and practice good golfing etiquette while you’re on the course.

Take it easy when you’re first begin to play golf. Although this will be difficult to do, face the fact early that you probably will not be ready for the PGA tour right off the bat. It’s better to start off with practice in mind instead of filling in a score card.

Play some Executive Courses before you head out to Pebble Beach. Learn how your equipment feels in your hands. Know what the clubs are capable of doing as you strike the ball. Get a sound golf swing early in the game. It’s much easier to do now than later in your game.

Don’t let a bad round make you mad. While you’re first starting out, expect more bad games than good. Playing golf is not simple at first. Once you learn the fundamentals of golf, and get the mechanics worked out the rest does get easier.

All in all, keep trying and never give up. If you want to get better you need to keep learning and playing golf as much as you can. Keep shaving a stroke off your game each time and you’ll be playing scratch golf in no time.